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Stakeholder Group

The Stakeholder Group was formed to build consensus for the project.

Stakeholder Role

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Stakeholder engagement was a critical component in ensuring that the Southeast Regional Rail Plan reflects the goals, priorities, and needs of the target states and their communities.

The Stakeholder Group collaborated on the Plan by sharing and considering information about potential network connections, existing and forecast regional demographic trends and travel patterns, economic activity, and noted capacity constraints in the current and future regional transportation networks. The Stakeholder Group also helped to identify institutional requirements and financial arrangements required to help realize that vision.

The stakeholders:

  • Helped to identify a conceptual SE vision for an integrated high-performance, regional intercity passenger rail network
  • Shared, collaborated on, and considered all needed analysis inputs
  • Identified potential future joint or distinct passenger/freight corridors
  • Identified needed institutional, governance, and financial arrangements
  • Considered the full range of opportunities and constraints, as well as state and regional priorities
  • Strategized future planning activities and priorities
  • Considered potential roles for public-private partnerships