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Below is a schedule of some key milestones for the Southeast Regional Rail Planning Study.

The Southeast Regional Rail Planning Study began in fall 2016 and is expected to be completed in fall 2020.

Phase I of the study commenced in 2016 and evaluated potential passenger rail markets, corridors, ridership and costs as well as governance and/or institutional options resulting in an initial draft network.  This network was developed with stakeholder input using the sketch planning CONceptual Network Connections Tool (CONNECT).  CONNECT outputs included high-level service plans, operational data and estimates of the financial and operational performance of the network.  The result was a draft 40-year network vision for passenger rail in the Southeast.

Phase II of the study commenced in the fall of 2019 and reflects necessary updates to the CONNECT model and the underlying trip table database.  Phase II efforts analyzed how the baseline conditions and major market assessment changes with the updated auto trip tables, and examined how the previously proposed regional network performs in the new model with the new database.  The team determined changes that should be made to the proposed network based on the updated database and work with project stakeholders to formalize a revised draft passenger rail network for the Southeast.